Become part of the JUHUU app ecosystem for IoT applications

JUHUU's app ecosystem enables you to easily and affordable access to the world of "Internet of Things". We integrate your product in a very uncomplicated way into the JUHUU app and WebApp.

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Why companies work with JUHUU

JUHUU is a cashless payment, control and administrative solution for SMEs, sole proprietorship and operators of automatic self-service machines. We offer you a complete solution that is adapted to your requirements. Starting with individualized control units, adapted software and optimized data evaluation.

Up to 80% cost savings

Increase in sales




Automatic user, booking and invoice management. We automate large parts of the administration and reduce a considerable part of the administrative effort.

Data processing

With JUHUU Analytics you get access to our automatic data processing and have a good overview of important parameters.

Interface integration (API)

The JUHUU app can be integrated into its own system via an API. This allows you to use most JUHUU features and advantages in your own app.

Easy to use

Your customers can use your products/services in just a few clicks through the JUHUU app and the JUHUU WebApp.


The JUHUU app and web platform is an innovative software solution that, in combination with the different JUHUU hardware modules, automation, control and administrative tasks of IoT products, but also services.

With the app, all customers have the option of paying and using their products/services in just a few clicks. A possible application are self -service machines. We develop an adapted user interface and special hardware modules for you

We integrate your products/services into the JUHUU app and enable very light and cheap access to all functions and advantages of JUHUU.

JUHUU hardware modules

The JUHUU hardware modules connect their products to the JUHUU app and webapp. Our hardware boards have a modular structure, which means that the individual modules can be combined with each other depending on the use.

IoT module

The IoT module is our central communication unit that connects your product via the mobile network with our system. This module is the same with every application and thus enables easy and cheap scalability.